The Daily Norseman Featured the Minnesota Vikings in a Special Issue

If you’re a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, you’ve probably heard of Daily Norseman. It is the official community website of SB Nation, a network of Vikings fans in the Midwest. In this special issue, the Vikings are featured in several articles, including a feature on Chris Forno, who produces a podcast called The Real Forno Show. We also have articles about the Vikings’ offensive line, Chris Gates, and the RealFornoShow.

Christopher Gates

The Vikings are on a roll, but they are likely to face some big challenges this season. With Madieu Williams on the bench, the Vikings have a lot to prove to win a division. The Daily Norseman Christopher Gates weighs in on the upcoming mid-October matchup. Read on to learn his thoughts. The Daily Norseman’s Christopher Gates has a couple of thoughts on the upcoming game.

Chris Forno

The Real Forno Show is a podcast produced by the SB Nation community for fans of the Minnesota Vikings. It features interviews with notable Vikings fans and a discussion of the 1997 #Vikings vs. #TogetherBlue game. The podcast also features guests including Mike McCarthy, Kirk Cousins, and Shaun Beyer, the 2021 practice squad tight end for the Denver Broncos.

Chris Forno’s production on the @RealFornoShow

Judd Zulgad, Chris Forno, and Tyler join Judd for a fun and hilarious episode of the Real Forno Show. In this episode, the two discuss a 1997 NFL game in which Dennis Green was on the hot seat. With a score of 19-3, Green was in a panic and needed to win. Unfortunately, his team had two quarterbacks who fumbled on consecutive snaps, one of which was picked off by Cris Carter. This resulted in a field goal clinic for the Minnesota Vikings.

Vikings offensive line

The Minnesota Vikings have made some changes along the offensive line this year, but there is no obvious weak spot. The team added Christian Darrisaw and upgraded at the guard position, and the offensive line appears to be set at tackle. Considering the Vikings’ offensive line has a good deal of potential, the offensive line could end up as the 19th best unit in the NFL. Here’s a closer look at the line.

The offensive line is a key part of the team’s success. Whether the line can help the Vikings in the passing game is a key question. It is the most important position in the offense. Without it, the Vikings’ offense will struggle to create anything. Luckily, Rick Spielman has invested in the offensive line from the draft until the end of the 2021 season. This could lead to a solid line this year.


In conclusion, this special issue of The Daily Norseman provided insightful analysis and discussion of important topics related to the Minnesota Vikings as they head into the 2022 season. From evaluations of key position groups like the offensive line, to interviews and commentary from notable Vikings personalities like Chris Forno, readers got a well-rounded look at both the on-field and off-field storylines surrounding the team. While there are certainly challenges ahead, The Daily Norseman articles suggested the Vikings have reason for cautious optimism. With continued progress along the offensive line and outstanding play from leaders like Kirk Cousins, the Vikings aim to build on their success from last year and compete for a division title.


Q: What is The Daily Norseman?

A: The Daily Norseman is the official community website of SB Nation for fans of the Minnesota Vikings. It provides news, analysis, commentary and features related to the Vikings.

Q: Who is Chris Forno?

A: Chris Forno is a notable Vikings fan who produces a podcast called The Real Forno Show. The article discusses his podcast and how it provides interviews with other Vikings fans and guests connected to the team.

Q: What did the articles discuss about the Vikings offensive line?

A: The articles evaluated the Vikings’ offensive line heading into the 2022 season, noting the additions they made and suggesting the unit has good potential and appears set at tackle. It said the line is a key to the team’s success on offense.

Q: Who did Christopher Gates weigh in on in his article?

A: Christopher Gates’ article discussed an upcoming mid-October matchup for the Vikings and weighed in on the challenges the team may face in winning their division with Madieu Williams on the bench.

Q: What game from 1997 did Chris Forno’s podcast episode discuss?

A: The podcast episode discussed a 1997 NFL game where Dennis Green was on the hot seat as Vikings coach with his team losing 19-3. It featured two consecutive quarterback fumbles, one picked off by Cris Carter, leading to a field goal clinic for the Vikings.

Q: What are the key takeaways about the Vikings heading into 2022?

A: The key takeaways are that the Vikings have reasons for cautious optimism but face challenges in winning their division. Progress on the offensive line and strong QB play from Cousins could help them compete for a title.

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