How to Mark Texts As Unread on iPhone and iPad

There’s no direct way to mark texts as unread on iPhone or iPad. While you can turn off Send Read Receipts, this function is only applicable to the latest iOS version. Once you’ve turned off Send Read Receipts, you can’t notify other people that you have read their messages. Instead, you can choose to delete the message from your inbox. Here are some options:

Message filtering

There are several advantages to using Message filtering on the iPhone. It makes your inbox look neater by only containing messages from people you know. You can also get rid of the spam messages by using this filtering feature. It’s not necessary to use a third-party app to filter messages. You can find message filtering in the Settings app under the Messages section. You can choose two home pages for your messages.

Message filtering is available in iOS 14 and later, but it’s not available on earlier system software versions. The feature is limited to the iMessage app and is only available for messages from contacts you add to your contact list. If you’re worried about privacy, you can turn off notifications for unknown senders or disable links in these messages. To use this feature, you need to add the unknown sender to your contact list.

Message filtering on the iPhone can also be turned on or off by sender. In the iOS 14 beta, message filtering works wonderfully, and you can even switch it off for known senders. However, you must enable it manually in your Messages settings on iOS 13.

Facebook users can mark texts as unread

If you want to keep track of your Facebook messages, you can mark texts as unread on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, swipe right on each message and you’ll see a gray box next to the message. Or you can swipe left to read the entire conversation and then click the three-dot icon to report the message to Facebook. This method is also available for the Android platform. The unread status will appear in the Trash folder if you choose to delete it.

Unlike the iPhone’s inbox, Facebook messenger also allows users to mark messages as unread. Simply open the message and touch the blue dot. You can then read the message content. Alternatively, you can remove the notification altogether. The unread messages will not be visible to the recipient of the message. Using this method, you can also mark a message as read by visiting the website. This way, you can easily keep track of all the messages you receive through Facebook.

Once you have sorted through your message inbox, you can go back and see if you have seen any messages sent by your Facebook friends. You can also check if someone else is using the same Facebook account. In both cases, you’ll notice a blue tick inside a white circle. If you’ve read the message, the blue circle will replace with the user’s profile pic. To mark a message as unread, you have to log in to Facebook for this.

Editing or removing text messages from your inbox

In the text message inbox, you may need to edit or delete a message. In most mobile phones, you can remove a message by holding down the message and choosing “Delete.” You might need to select the message again to confirm. For iOS users, you will not see this final prompt. Tap the DELETE button again to confirm. After selecting the message, select “Delete” and then tap the trash icon.

There are a few reasons to edit or remove a message from your inbox. First of all, autocorrect can lead to embarrassing typos. Previously, you could not undo your mistake, and you had to live with the error forever. Now, thanks to iOS 16, you can edit and remove text messages within 15 minutes. That is faster and easier than ever before. But before you can remove a message from your inbox, you must accept the privacy policy of the app developer.

Once you’ve corrected the text, tap and hold the message you wish to delete. Tap the Undo Send option to undo the action. If the message is sent after the 15-minute window, it will be permanently deleted. However, if you’re using iOS 16, you can still recover deleted messages. If you’ve accidentally deleted a message and want to change it, tap and hold on the message for a few seconds.

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