How SMS Campaigns Can Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Support

How SMS Campaigns Can Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Support: Your phone buzzes in your pocket with a message from that boutique you visited last week: They’re having a sale on products you love. The message ends with a discount code to use on your next visit. Cue the joyful music!

This is a real-life example of a short messaging service, aka texting, campaign. It’s an increasingly popular way for brands both to reach their customers and enhance their customer support. 

As of 2021, nearly half of all business owners contacted their customers using text messaging services. SMS reminders were keeping customers abreast of appointments and reduced no-shows for doctors, hairstylists, and other professionals. SMS marketing was reminding clients of businesses they love and giving them a push to check out these retailers’ latest wares and promotions.

There are several SMS application programming interface providers now. The best offer integration with marketing and customer relationship management software you already use, offering a seamless solution for both you and your valuable clientele. 

Benefits of SMS Campaigns for Customer Support

Mobile phone use is now nearly universal. If you want a method of communication that can reach virtually every customer, you can’t go wrong with SMS. SMS reminders can make it easier for customers to remember their appointments and schedule their lives. SMS customer service surveys and check-ins mean you can get the information you need to ensure you are doing all you can to keep your clients satisfied with your service. With a method of communication as close as their pocket, consumers are more likely to keep you top of minds and reach out to you for solutions

SMS is a powerful avenue for personalization and client engagement. The messages you send, whether automated promotional campaigns or human-powered customer service solutions, can be delivered to your purchaser wherever they are. These messages are short, specific, and personal. You can draw on your history with your customer to ensure you address their wants and their needs. 

The immediacy of SMS means you can be proactive in communication and issue resolution. An automatically generated customer service survey, for instance, can connect clients directly to live customer support agents if they have a problem. Accepting help desk and support tickets via SMS means your buyers can get their issues resolved quickly and easily, no matter where they are.

Imagine opening a box from your favorite e-commerce retailer and noticing an item is missing. A QR code for SMS customer service means you can begin the process of resolving this customer service issue right there. With a responsive customer support service on the other end, you could have your missing items on their way in minutes. 

Best Practices for Effective SMS Campaigns

SMS implementation is more accessible than you’d imagine. It starts with an SMS gateway, a utility that allows you to send and receive text messages from a desktop computer. Mitto’s SMS API integrates with other applications so that you can access your valuable customer data no matter where you store it.

Harnessing the Power of SMS 

If you aren’t incorporating SMS into your customer support efforts, you are falling behind the competition. Suppliers like Mitto make it easier than ever to add SMS to your marketing and customer support efforts. Research the options to learn more about how SMS can elevate your customer support and build the power of your brand. 

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