The Practical and Secure Solution for Package Delivery and Pickup: UPS Access Point

Package delivery has grown to be a key concern for both customers and businesses as more and more people shop online. You need a dependable and practical means to receive your deliveries whether you’re a small business owner shipping goods to clients or an individual receiving packages at home. Herein lies the role of UPS Access Point.

UPS Access Point: What is it?

UPS has teamed with a network of nearby companies and merchants to offer package delivery and pickup services under the name UPS AccessPoint. For deliveries that need a signature or are too big to fit in a mailbox, these locations function as drop-off and pickup points.

Convenience stores, dry cleaners, and pharmacies are just a few of the many companies that make up the UPS Access Point network. These establishments are frequently open on the weekends and into the evenings, making it simple for consumers to pick up their products whenever it suits them.

How does the UPS Access Point function?

You can select to have your package delivered to a UPS Access Point location rather than your home address when you order a shipment from an online shop that works withUPS. This is especially helpful if you won’t be home throughout the day or don’t want to take the chance of having your delivery stolen from your doorway.

You’ll get an email or text message alert when your package gets to the UPS Access Point location. When it’s convenient for you, you can then head to the place to pick up your package. To prove your identification, you must have a government-issued ID on you.

A shipment that has already been delivered to your home address may occasionally be redirected to a UPS Access Point location for pickup. The UPS My Choice service, which enables you to manage your deliveries and pickups online, can be used to accomplish this.

What advantages do UPS Access Point users receive?

Using UPS AccessPoint for package delivery and pickup has a number of advantages:

  • Convenience: UPS Access Point locations are frequently found near stores and other nearby businesses. This makes it simple to pick up your packages while you’re running errands or on your way home from work.
  • Security: You can reduce your chance of package theft from your doorstep by having your packages delivered to a UPS AccessPoint location. Additionally, you’ll be asked to prove your identity when picking up your package, adding another level of security.
  • Flexibility: UPS Access Point sites are frequently open on weekends and late into the evening, making it simple for you to pick up your shipment whenever is most convenient for you. Additionally, you can reroute packages that have already been sent to your home address to be picked up at a UPS AccessPoint location.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to having your delivery delivered to your home address, using UPS AccessPoint may be less expensive. While some retailers may charge nothing for shipping to a UPS Access Point location, others might charge less.

What restrictions apply to the use of UPS Access Point?

Although using UPS Access Point has many advantages, there are some restrictions to be aware of:

  1. Package size: Only items weighing less than 20 kg and measuring less than 80 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm are accepted at UPS Access Point locations. You will need to make arrangements for alternate delivery or pickup alternatives if your package is greater than this.
  • Package type: At some UPS Access Point locations, some package types may not be permitted for delivery or pickup. For instance, live animals, weapons, and hazardous items are prohibited.

Despite the UPS Access Point network’s size, there might not be one close to your house or place of business. The UPS website has a list of locations that are open in your area.

The hours of operation of UPS Access Point sites can change based on the exact location, though they are normally open on weekends and late into the evening. To make sure the place you intend to utilise is open when you need it, it’s crucial to check its hours.


there may not be enough package storage space at some UPS Access Point locations. Your shipment can be returned to the sender or moved to another UPS site for collection if you don’t pick it up within a specific amount of time.

Overall, UPS AccessPoint is a quick and safe way to deliver and pick up packages. It offers flexibility in terms of when and where you can pick up your products, and it might be a more affordable option than having packages delivered to your home address.

Consider using UPS Access Point as part of your shipping and delivery strategy if you routinely order shipments online or if you own a small business that sends products to clients. It can help you save time and money and give you piece of mind knowing that your packages are safe and waiting for you to pick them up at an appropriate place.

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