Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Review

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 SuperAmp is an all-in-one gaming audio system that builds on the legendary Elite Pro series. It was developed in collaboration with leading esports teams to deliver next-generation audio performance. The system features 50mm Nanoclear over-ear speakers and TruSpeak Technology for superior sound. You’ll love the sound quality and the premium construction of this gaming audio system. This article covers the main features and benefits of both. 

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 

Taking the legendary performance of the Elite Pro gaming audio system and building on it, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro2 + SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio System brings next-generation audio performance that rivals championship-winning sound systems. Teams can now chat in crystal clear clarity, and everyone will hear every word of each other’s team chats with crisp, clear audio. With a total sound system performance of 107dB, the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp delivers next-generation audio performance for championship-winning gaming performance. 

The Elite Pro 2 and SuperAmp are two wired headsets, the top of Turtle Beach’s line. They’re both $249, and the Elite Pro 2 comes with a SuperAmp control unit that replaces the breakout box with sliders and a hardware wheel. They’re also compatible with mobile apps, making them convenient for on-the-go gaming. But do they add value? Not really. 

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp 

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio System builds on the legacy of the legendary Elite Pro. In collaboration with some of the most respected esports teams, it delivers championship-winning audio performance and crystal-clear team chat. The Elite Pro 2 and SuperAmp feature an integrated microphone for crystal-clear team chat. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is the perfect choice for gamers who love competitive gaming and enjoy top-level audio performance. 

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 offers a solid gaming experience with its built-in amplifier and wired connection to the PC or PlayStation 4 console. You can switch between PC and console mode and enjoy high-quality surround sound. Both PC and

console versions offer DTS-X 2.0 surround sound. However, the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is a bit tricky to setup and turn on. For this reason, it is best to try out the other models before making your final decision. 


The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is the company’s latest wired 7.1 surround sound headphone system. It ranks at the top of the company’s lineup and costs $249. The Elite Pro 2 has an upgraded SuperAmp control unit that replaces the breakout box and the TAC with a hardware wheel. You can also use the headset’s mobile app for convenience and remote control. But we’ve found that the Elite Pro 2 can be a bit difficult to install and use. 

The Elite Pro 2’s design is similar to that of the Elite Atlas. It has plush ear pads and removable speaker plates. It has plenty of notches for custom fitting. ItAlso features ProSpecs technology, a detachable boom mic, and a 3.5-millimeter audio cable with a volume control button halfway down the cable. The Elite Pro 2 is also quite sturdy and features plenty of padding. 

Sound quality 

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is a gaming headset designed for pro gamers. It boasts excellent sound quality and an easy-to-use remote for streamers. Its price is reasonable considering all it can do, too. But how good is the sound? It’s great for playing electronic music because it boosts the bass, but doesn’t drown out other sounds. So, if you’re a gaming enthusiast, you should probably check it out. 

The Elite Pro 2 has a 12-Hz to 20-kHz range and can transmit sound over several positions on the treble scale. Its well-tuned audio creates minimal to no distortion, while emphasis is placed on lower frequencies. It can produce realistic sound for Esports, too. However, the Elite Pro 2 doesn’t come with any built-in microphones. However, it does come with an audio hub app for tweaking settings on the headset and SuperAmp. The app offers toggles for hearing enhancement, multiple surround presets, custom profiles, and three-band EQ. 


If you’re looking for the best apps for the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2, look no further. The App Store and Google Play have both got you covered! The newest apps for Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 are the Superhuman Hearing and Music Player. This will help you hear subtle game-changing sounds such as enemies sneaking up on you, other players reloading their weapons, and approaching vehicles. With a high-quality audio experience, you’ll be able to make split-second decisions. 

While the Elite Pro 2 is a great headset, it doesn’t come without its problems. You’ll have to download a companion app to use the phone controls. This isn’t difficult, since the Elite Pro 2 is compatible with both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems. Once you’ve downloaded the App, connect your headset via Bluetooth to enjoy the many features. You can even listen to music on your phone via your phone! 


The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 super headphones offer a very accurate sound quality. They feature a slightly overemphasized bass range and a dip in the highs, which makes them great for electronic music. While the bass is boosted, it doesn’t drown out other sounds, which makes them a good choice for use in a quiet room. And, if you’re worried about leaking noise, you can adjust the volume to your liking. 

The Elite Pro 2 has a decent range of features and is very easy to use. For PC gamers, you’ll want to consider the HyperX Cloud Flight S, which offers surround sound for PC and PlayStation 4. Razer’s BlackShark V2 Pro is another good headset for PC users. It boasts THX Spatial Audio and Razer Synapse, so gamers can hear their sounds crystal clear.

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