The Hottest 80s Fashion Trends

Remember the ’80s? The fashion of the ’80s was full of animal print, shoulder-padded blazers, oversized clothing, and fully-tucked shirts. You might even recognize some popular icons from the era, such as Tina Turner. Leather was also popular in this decade, as was neon. High-rise jeans were particularly popular during this decade. But, which trends did you love the most?

Animal print was a popular trend in the ’80s

The 1980s were an era of bold, funky fashion, with celebrities and other people wearing the wildest prints possible. Animal prints were not limited to clothing, but also encompassed accessories, bags, scarves, and shoes. Children and teenagers were not immune to this trend. Many celebrities sported animal prints, including the pop duo Strawberry Switchblade and Claudia Cardinale. As the decade progressed, the popularity of animal prints spread, and polka dots, leopard, and zebra were all popular.

Leather was a popular choice for outerwear

The 80s were a time when leather jackets were the rage. These jackets were extremely durable and lasted for decades. While they may not be as fashionable as some jackets today, they still have their charm. A few decades later, they remain a popular choice for both men and women. Here are the top reasons leather jackets were so popular during that decade. – They’re comfortable and look classic.

Neon was a big trend in the ’80s

The ’80s were a time of neon fashion. One out of three people in the United States owned neon clothing. The popularity of neon was fueled by the booming economy and the end of the cold war. This color, which is very visible, was associated with a new mood and season of hope. This fashion trend was wildly popular among young people. As neon was so visible, many people believed it to be youthful and fun.

High-rise jeans were popular in the ’80s

In the 1980s, the trend for high-rise jeans was huge. The style was a rebellious move against the low-rise pants of the 1970s. Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, made a fashion statement by wearing them, and they were comfortable and functional. A high-rise pair of jeans went well with a “Choose Life” tee, and they were even functional enough to hold your cell phone.

Statement t-shirts

It is hard to imagine a decade without statement T-shirts, but that was the prevailing fashion in the 1980s. Popular music videos such as Wham’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ sported slogan T-shirts worn by George Michael, which made the t-shirt an instant icon. And even today, it is still one of the best-selling fashion items.

Hawaiian shirts were popular in the ’80s

If you’re looking to relive the 80s fashion, Hawaiian shirts are a great choice. This type of shirt was popular during this decade due to its bright and colourful prints. They’re also perfect to wear under a dark jacket or jackets that make you look cool and carefree. This style has become one of the most popular and well-liked pieces of clothing from the 80s.

Statement socks were popular in the ’80s

Throughout the ’80s, women and girls alike wore bold, statement socks. They combined thick, layered socks with neon colors and high heels to make a fashion statement. Ankle socks with heels were also popular, as were long-thigh socks with a heel. In the decade, short skirts and hosiery teamed perfectly with these colorful accessories. In addition to bringing back the iconic 80s fashion, women and girls alike could also show off their legs by pairing them with miniskirts and denim jackets.


The 1980s was truly a unique decade for fashion and style trends. From animal prints and neon colors to leather jackets and high-waisted jeans, the fashions of the ’80s pushed boundaries with bold, innovative looks. Even today, certain ’80s styles like statement t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and colorful socks are still influencing modern fashion. While some elements may seem over-the-top by today’s standards, the ’80s truly celebrated self-expression through clothing. The decade’s trends left an indelible mark and remind us that fashion is an art that reflects the spirit of the times. Though trends may change, the ’80s ability to blend fun with function remains an inspiration.

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