The Future of Princess Polly

Princess Polly has grown from a single store to an online shop. The company first went online in 2010, and the founders noted a shift towards e-commerce sales. In 2012, A.K.A. Brands acquired 50% of the company, backed by Summit Partners. Those who wanted to continue to grow the business can now do so with a larger investment. However, the future of Princess Polly is still uncertain.

‘Princess Polly haul’ videos on TikTok

The wildly popular Princess Polly has built an army of influencers to spread its message. She has built up a team of over 200 in Los Angeles and Australia. Her influencer-marketing team scouts new talent for videos and collaborates with creators in niches. With a huge YouTube following and a thriving TikTok community, Princess Polly is in a great position to reach new millions of consumers cost-effectively.

Many famous TikTok haul videos show rooms filled with shipping boxes and padded envelopes. Some haul Tokkers break up large hauls into multiple videos. One account with only 2,000 followers can get more than 30,000 views with the hashtag #haultok. Creating an unboxing video is a great way to generate views. Comments from followers often request try-on hauls. You can follow the same method to increase your followers.

Another way to use TikTok as an influencer marketing channel is to create a dedicated page on Princess Polly’s website for TikTok customers. She tags the products she wears in her videos in the description field to encourage customers to shop from the Princess Polly website. Princess Polly’s TikTok storefront is integrated with Vop, an app that embeds TikTok feed into a Shopify store.

Another way to make your video more successful is to partner with smaller brands. She works with small sustainable brands for about a year, and began posting TikTok hauls on her account in January. Her Instagram account has grown by an average of 1,000-2,000 new followers each week. She credits her rapid growth to her TikTok content. She receives messages from these small brands on a daily basis.

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