Love Online, Drama Onscreen: The Bitter Divorce Battle Between Noella Bergener and Famous Lawyer Sweet James

Noella Bergener has uncovered some very interesting facts about her husband Sweet James, a divorce attorney and ex-Mormon from Utah. The two met online and later went on to marry in June 2020. Their love story is full of drama and controversy as they disagree over the details of their separation and divorce. Sadly, the two have now met divorce proceedings head-on. So, who is Sweet James and what are his other children?

Aside from wrongful death and auto accidents, Sweet James also handles spine injuries and wrongful death cases. Each attorney on the team is dedicated to fighting for the rights of their clients and have a 98% success rate. In the process, they’ve recovered more than $500 million for victims. Noella also has a daughter from another marriage. This is another reason fans are curious about Sweet James. This relationship is far from over. If you’ve been a victim of a wrongful death or an auto accident, you deserve justice.

The relationship between Sweet James and Noella Bergener has been a subject of speculation for a long time. According to the reality show, Noella Bergener met her ex-husband on a sugar daddy website and eventually became engaged to him. SweetJames then filed for divorce after Noella’s debut season in the show. During the reunion, Noella revealed that she met SweetJames on a sugar daddy website, and that she is dating the lawyer in Los Angeles named Sweet James.

Despite Noella’s desperate attempts to contact James, she has not received a reply. James has since moved on with another woman. The court has yet to determine what happened in the couple’s relationship. In addition to seeking a divorce, Noella also demands James pay spousal support. While he hasn’t found his son, she’s still attempting to find him. So far, the divorce has been a messy and painful one for both parties.

Dedicated to assisting accident victims, Sweet James Bergener has won millions of dollars in verdicts. His firm has also won many cases involving complex issues. Sweet James Bergener is a member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a group of highly-qualified trial lawyers that makes up only one percent of lawyers in the United States. You can hear his weekly legal expert segment on KLAC AM 570.

James Bergener’s tax debts are six million dollars. He hasn’t paid even half of it. He and Noella Bergener were married in June 2020 and have a daughter Coco and a son James Jr. with Autism. Sweet James has a number of clients, including some of the most famous people in Hollywood. He also is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and has a law firm in Los Angeles.


In conclusion, the relationship between Sweet James Bergener and Noella Bergener has played out dramatically both on and off reality television. Though they initially seemed to have a whirlwind romance, things quickly soured as allegations of deceit and financial issues came to light. Their divorce and custody battle continues to generate speculation about James’ past and true character. As more details emerge about his personal and professional dealings, it remains to be seen if Noella will find resolution or if James will adequately address the serious charges leveled against him. Their messy split highlights how quickly romance can turn sour, and serves as a cautionary tale about trusting strangers online.


Q: Who is Sweet James Bergener?

A: Sweet James Bergener is a divorce attorney and ex-Mormon from Utah. He met Noella Bergener online and they married in June 2020. However, they are now divorcing.

Q: How did Noella and Sweet James meet?

A: According to Noella, they met on a “sugar daddy” website, where wealthy older men provide companionship and financial support to younger people, usually women.

Q: What is Sweet James’ background as a lawyer?

A: Sweet James specializes in personal injury cases like wrongful death, auto accidents, and spine injuries. His law firm has won over $500 million for clients and he has a near 98% success rate. He is also part of an elite group of top trial lawyers.

Q: How many children does Sweet James have?

A: It’s not exactly clear how many children Sweet James has from previous relationships. Noella has a daughter from a previous marriage. They also have a son named James Jr. together who has autism.

Q: What are the allegations against Sweet James?

A: Noella has alleged deceit in their relationship and questions his financial situation. She claims he owes $6 million in back taxes and isn’t providing proper support. There are also questions about his past personal life that Noella is trying to uncover.

Q: What is the status of their divorce?

A: Noella and Sweet James are currently going through divorce proceedings. Noella is seeking spousal support and trying to determine what really happened in their relationship. The court will have to decide on the marriage settlement.

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