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MTV approached us to help them brand World Star Hip Hop. The Internet sensation has spawned countless imitation videos. We designed the branding and website for World Star Hip Hop, which accepts submissions for fights and votes on them. Whether you’re a fan of hip hop or just looking to watch the latest rap video, World Star Hip Hop has an app for you. Here are the basics:

O’Denat was a hip-hop businessman

The young O’Denat grew up in Queens and wanted to become a stand-up comic. He decided to pursue his dream and found his place in hip-hop. HeLater began working as a DJ and teamed up with Queens rapper 50 Cent to create the WorldStarHipHop website. He often courted controversy through controversial content, but his site steadily grew and attracted advertisers. In the following years, O’Denat worked to bring the WorldStar brand into mainstream media, including MTV2’s announcement of a TV series based on the WorldStar site.

The WorldStarHipHop website was founded in 2005 by Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat. His website was known for sharing video content and was considered to be a cultural mainstay. However, his work quickly gained critics, and many questioned his taste in music. His controversial video content became an internet sensation, and he made documentary films and a clothing line to promote it.

Websites like WorldStarHipHop accept submissions of fights

If you love to watch fight videos on the internet, then you should consider submitting them to a website such as WorldStarHipHop. This user-generated video blog has become extremely popular with teens around the world. Users can upload video content of their fights, interviews with celebrities, and other videos. WorldStarHipHop also accepts submissions of music videos. However, it is important to note that you will have to pay a fee of up to $800 to submit your video. Otherwise, your video will not be posted unless you pay the fee.

A website such as WorldStarHipHop has a unique mission. It seeks to collect all forms of human conflict and post them on the site. It features crowdsourced street fights, dashcam footage, meme explainers, and strippers. Its aim is to become the “one-stop-shop” for everything under the hip-hop genre, from drug talk to love and animosity.

Apps like WorldStarHipHop allow viewers to vote on videos

WorldstarHipHop is a type of citizen journalism website that lets users post video content. The site allows users to submit videos related to everything from breaking news to shocking content. In addition to breaking news and music videos, users can submit their own content to be posted on the site. WorldstarHipHop has several sections where viewers can submit their videos, which are ranked by popularity by their fellow users.

There are numerous benefits to using WorldStarHipHop as an alternative to WorldStar. It features a wide range of videos from hip hop to urban genres, and users can vote on their favorite videos by voting. The app also allows viewers to vote for their favorites and download them. The app can be used to binge-watch hip hop and urban videos. WorldStarHipHop also features celebrity interviews, freestyle battles, and public fight videos. The app allows users to vote on videos by providing ratings and comments.

O’Denat’s death

According to a report published by Deadline, the acclaimed hip-hop producer and creator of the WorldStarHipHop website died suddenly on Jan. 23 in San Diego. The website was a popular destination for hip-hop videos, including controversial police videos and naughty clips filmed in public places. The website’s popularity grew as popular hip-hop artists premiered their music videos on it. As World Star grew in popularity, it became an edgy source for hip-hop culture, and the platform was even sold for apparel and products. After O’Denat died, many hip-hop artists paid tribute to him.

Q O’Denat, known to his fans as “Q,” was a charismatic and talented businessman who was a champion of urban culture. In his early days, Q worked at Circuit City and developed an interest in computers and hip hop music. He also was a father and a generous person. His company posted a statement on Instagram, saying it would miss Q’s warm and hearty laugh. The founder of the WorldStarHipHop label had Haitian heritage and was an active member of the hip-hop community.

Case in point

The hip-hop legend and YouTube video sensation left a complicated legacy. He championed urban culture and created a cultural phenomenon. The video shows Pittsburgh rappers brandishing an arsenal of weapons. The video is then uploaded to WorldStarHipHop. It has garnered over 200,000 hits. But there are many reasons to doubt WorldStarHipHop. One sociologist argued that WorldStarHipHop legitimizes violent rap.

If you are considering making your own video to submit to Worldstar Hip Hop, consider the following: – WorldStar is free to submit. However, if you don’t get much buzz, the site won’t play your video. The website’s rules state that a video must have at least 50,000 real views to be played. WorldStar also requires comments, and it checks submissions for fake views.

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