How to Make the Most of Facebook

Once you’ve signed up for Facebook com, you’ll arrive at your personal homepage. The basic homepage layout consists of the newsfeed, a section for status updates, and notices for messages, invitations, applications, and events. In your status update section, you can tell the world how you’re feeling or what you’re up to. You can also choose to view your friends’ status updates. You can choose to share them with friends or the world via your news feed.


Unlike a traditional newsfeed, Facebook’s new Timeline allows users to see posts from a year ago. It displays a list of posts that you have liked, shared, and interacted with. You can also see what people have tagged your posts with. By default, your friends can see this, but you can set your privacy settings to limit who can see your timeline. Listed below are some useful tips for making the most of your Timeline.


What is a friend on Facebook com? It is someone you’ve mutually agreed to have in common. You might play softball together, volunteer at the same animal shelter, or even just have a lot in common. You may be dating or on a road trip and have kept bumping into someone you met on Facebook. Or maybe you’re second cousins twice removed. Facebook makes it easy to find friends who share your interests and activities.

News Feed

What is the News Feed on Facebook? Despite what the name implies, it is not the same as the “News” tab. In fact, the name was coined by a memo that was circulated among Facebook employees. What’s more, Facebook uses behavioral targeting to tailor ads based on a user’s interests and past interactions. Here are some of the key features of News Feed. Read on to find out how to make your news feed more engaging.


If you’re looking for a specific person or thing on Facebook, you can use the social network’s advanced search feature. This feature has the ability to find people, groups, events, and more. In addition, you can use Facebook’s natural language capabilities to find what you’re looking for. But how do you make it more effective? Let’s find out. Getting started with Facebook’s advanced search will make your life easier.

Memcached servers

Memcached servers help Facebook’s front-end servers to perform more efficiently. Facebook has incorporated memcache to improve page load times and reduce data replication. The Facebook team uses three main features to improve the performance of memcache: an invalidation daemon that replicates cache invalidations across all copies in a region, a regional pool of memcached servers, and a process that prepares clusters before they go online.


The basic functionality of FBML for Facebook com includes adding custom contents to a Page. However, this method has limitations. For example, you cannot use a script language such as Javascript or PHP to create your FBML content. Facebook has decided to stop supporting this method and is working towards a new version of FBML that will allow developers to make full use of this format. You can check out the Developer Roadmap to learn more about this new feature.


How to Find Messages on Facebook


Before you start selling on Facebook Marketplace, here are some tips you can follow. Using the search bar, you can refine your results by location, category, and price. You can also add tags and mark items as sold or pending. Moreover, when selling items, you should take the time to take good quality pictures of your merchandise. These pictures should depict your products clearly and match the description you have written for them. Also, mark them as a sale or pending before they reach buyers.


If you are worried about the data Facebook collects, you should lock down your Facebook privacy settings. It’s always a good idea to review what your data is stored on the site. You may even have your passwords stored in your browser history if you’re concerned about identity theft. Facebook doesn’t give advertisers access to your information, but third-party widget developers are allowed to scrape some data with your consent. However, they are prohibited from scraping your e-mail address or IM address. Facebook also has strict guidelines regarding the privacy of its users. These guidelines are meant to help protect its users from the prying eyes of the U.S. government, which, unfortunately, can easily issue subpoenas.


With over 37,000 employees and over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has built a decent collection of Facebook apps that let you do just about anything with the site. Some of these apps are useful for helping you upload photos and videos, and others are just fun time-wasters. But the best Facebook apps are completely free and worth trying. Below are some of our favorite apps:

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