Din Tai Fung San Jose Hours of Operation

Din Tai Fung San Jose Hours of Operation: For years, people have been rumored that Din Tai Fung is planning to open in San Jose. Currently, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan is in the space and Din Tai Fung is expected to take it over. But where exactly is the new location? In fact, it is being planned for the Westfield Valley Fair mall. Read on to find out. In the meantime, a look at the menu and the restaurant’s hours of operation will help you decide which one to try.

Xiao Long Bao

Whether you’re craving Chinese takeout or elevated dim sum, you won’t go wrong at this bustling quarter. The menu boasts Asian dishes and elevated dim sum, while the atmosphere is upscale and welcoming. At the San Jose location, diners are treated to a lively atmosphere. While there, try the renowned steamed buns. A popular global chain, Xiao Long Bao is located in San Jose.

Known for its delicious and authentic dim sum, Ocean Delight Seafood Restaurant serves dim steamed buns and soup dumplings in the Bay Area. Their menu is extensive, and includes items such as chicken feet, egg tarts, and a range of other tasty options. The menu is accompanied by pictures to help customers decide what to order. The service is excellent and the prices are very reasonable.

Xiao Long Bao vs Taiwanese dumplings

It’s the yearly Chinese New Year tradition to compare the two hottest food trends, and the new trend is Xiao Long Bao. A famous Taiwanese dumpling restaurant, Din Tai Fung has 113 outlets in 13 countries, including San Jose. They weigh their dumplings to exactly 21 grams and fold them by hand, achieving the coveted “golden ratio” of 18 folds. This trend has caught on in Silicon Valley, with a new location slated to open in the Westfield Valley Fair mall.

The original XLB dumpling house opened in Taiwan in 1958, and has a charmingly quaint atmosphere with a cherry blossom lantern. There is no reservation required, though long lines are expected. You can also order the XLBs ahead of time and have them frozen. Be sure to bring a cooler. If you’re concerned about food safety, you may want to avoid the XLB dumplings at Din Tai Fung.

Delivery fees

If you’re looking to get a Chinese meal delivered from Din Tai Fung San Jose, you’re in luck. The restaurant has implemented a cap on food delivery fees for its third-party delivery companies, limiting them to 15% of the order value. While these caps are meant to help protect the consumer, they also burden struggling restaurants. For this reason, many are opting for delivery apps, such as Uber Eats.

While this restaurant’s delivery fees are small compared to other Chinese restaurants, they cover the cost of insurance, personal protective equipment for the delivery people, and marketing and managing orders. However, the fees might lead to increased costs for customers, fewer orders for restaurants, and lower earnings for the delivery staff. That’s why Supervisor Joe Simitian is watching the business carefully. He has issued a warning to delivery companies that impose a burden on their customers.

Hours of operation

Looking for the hours of operation at Din Tai Fung San Jose? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This popular global chain offers elevated dim sum and Asian dishes, all in an energetic quarter. However, you must make sure that the hours of operation you choose are convenient for your needs. Check out the following table for more details. Let’s start with the opening and closing times. For reservations, call ahead at (408) 838-4444.

The San Jose location of Din Tai Fung was opened Tuesday at 10 a.m., despite the fact that it is the first Din Tai Fung restaurant to be opened in Northern California. The eight-thousand-square-foot restaurant has 200 seats and a handsome bar. Despite its size, customers are often left waiting for up to five hours. The restaurant’s system texts customers while they wait, so that they are not alone if they arrive at 10 a.m.


In conclusion, Din Tai Fung’s long anticipated opening in San Jose is sure to be a hit with locals and visitors alike who are eager to try the chain’s famous handmade xiao long bao and other authentic dim sum offerings. While wait times may be long given the popularity of the brand, diners can expect excellent quality and service that has made Din Tai Fung a global sensation. Being informed of the restaurant’s hours of operation and delivery fees will help patrons plan their visit. Overall, the new San Jose location is a welcome addition that will satisfy cravings for elevated Chinese cuisine and continue to spread awareness of Din Tai Fung’s delectable dishes in Silicon Valley.

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