BitBoy Crypto, TJ Shedd, and Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong, TJ Shedd, and Ben Armstrong are all crypto influencers who are putting their money where their mouth is. Check out their net worth and bio to learn about their background. You can also watch their daily YouTube videos. Read on to learn more about the guys behind the popular crypto YouTube channel. This cryptocurrency investment channel has over one million subscribers and a lot of views! It is an excellent place to learn about crypto and cryptocurrency.

Ben Armstrong

YouTube star Ben Armstrong is behind the successful cryptocurrency channel BitBoy Crypto. His videos are highly-rated, garnering over 189 million views. He covers everything from cryptocurrency to Bitcoin mining. His channel features over 2700 videos. In addition to BitBoy Crypto, Armstrong also runs Hit Network and Front Page Tickets. Ben Armstrong first became interested in crypto in 2012, and his videos about the currency are incredibly popular.

Ben Armstrong began in the crypto world in 2012, when Bitcoin first came on the scene. He turned to crypto full-time in 2018, making it his main focus. He also puts out daily videos on his YouTube channel, earning close to a million subscribers. This has allowed him to gain exposure to a large number of people. This has led to a number of articles in the media and increased visibility on the web.

TJ Shedd

TJ Shedd, co-founder of Bitboy Crypto, is a long-time proponent of cryptocurrency. His interest in emerging technologies is reflected in his business ventures and interests. TJ also serves as the CEO of Hit Network, a content marketing company that provides content to creators and brands. TJ is originally from Acworth, Georgia, where he grew up. He first worked in real estate and then moved to California where he worked for MAVTV. He later developed his own cryptocurrency podcast and met Ben Armstrong.

Ben Armstrong, founder of Craigslist, was a longtime cryptocurrency enthusiast. He paid for Craigslist advertising software using Bitcoin. BitBoy eventually accumulated over $10,000 in Bitcoin and was trading with the BitInstant platform. Unfortunately, he lost his Bitcoin in the Mt. Gox hack. While Armstrong had a great reputation, he had a limited amount of resources to invest in cryptocurrencies, so he decided to outsource the majority of his work.

Ben Armstrong’s bio

In the year 2011, the Bitcoin market was new and the cryptocurrency world was still relatively unknown to most people. So, Ben Armstrong, an investor and personal finance influencer, got started in this new world by accident. He was running a ticket selling website when his website changed payment options to Bitcoin. He spent $10,000 on advertising to promote his new service. Unfortunately, he didn’t fully understand the technology at that point and missed out on seven-figure profits. However, he invested the time to learn about the blockchain technology.

Before getting involved in the cryptocurrency industry, Armstrong attended local schools and graduated from high school. He later went to Toccoa Falls College, earning his bachelor’s degree in Ministry leadership. After a period of time, he enrolled at Kennesaw State University and subsequently reactivated his YouTube channel. Since then, he has been a rising social media star and YouTube personality. In fact, he has his own YouTube channel, BitBoy Crypto, which has over 380k followers.

Ben Armstrong’s net worth

While Ben Armstrong’s personal details are not publicly available, his wealth is estimated at $28 million. His online cryptocurrency channel, Bit Boy Crypto, features trading advice, coin reviews, and latest news in the crypto world. Ben Armstrong has been publishing videos on his YouTube channel every day, which contribute to his net worth. Born in Los Angeles, California, Armstrong grew up in a middle-class family. He attended Toccoa Falls College, and then went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree from Kennesaw State University.

Although Ben Armstrong has worked in several positions over the years, he primarily concentrates on cryptocurrency. He was a co-host of Beards & Bitcoins and served as the executive director for the Three Dimensional Life organization. He also started his own YouTube channel on 08 February 2018, which boasts over 1.42 million subscribers and 174 million views as of December 2021. Ben Armstrong created videos in different categories, and many of them received thousands of views.

Ben Armstrong’s cryptocurrency portfolio

As a YouTube personality, Ben Armstrong has garnered success in the cryptocurrency market. His YouTube channel, BitBoy Crypto, gives subscribers the latest news and trading tips. Armstrong started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2012 with Bitcoin. While there were many ups and downs, Armstrong managed to make a profit. However, he did lose money during the Mt. Gox hack. In this article, he explains how he recovered his losses.

In his recent article in Entrepreneur magazine, Ben Armstrong revealed his investment methods, including investing in Bitcoin. The YouTuber, who goes by BitBoy Crypto, also keeps an up-to-date website and YouTube channel dedicated to cryptocurrency news. His cryptocurrency portfolio is comprised of a diverse mix of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is not surprising that Armstrong invests in Bitcoin as a primary currency. Nonetheless, he suggests that investors put 25%-50% of their portfolios in Bitcoin. However, he cautions investors to book profits during altcoin and Ethereum seasons.

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