Apple Leaker Claims iPhone 13 Is Coming In Pink

For years, Apple fans have been asking the company to offer more color options for the iPhone. While the iPhone line has seen variations like red, yellow, and purple over the years, one color has been particularly requested – pink. A well-known Apple leaker is now claiming that pink may finally be coming to the iPhone 13 later this year.

Rumors of a Pink iPhone 13

Jon Prosser is an analyst and leaker with a fairly accurate track record when it comes to Apple predictions. On Twitter, Prosser stated that his sources are telling him the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup will include a new pink color option. If true, this would mark the first time a light pink has been offered for the standard iPhone models.

In the past, pink has only been available for special edition iPhones like the (PRODUCT)RED models that support charitable causes. The standard iPhone slates tended to stick to more muted tones. Prosser claimed the pink model would be a light pink shade, not a brighter hot pink. This fits with Apple’s usual subdued color palettes.

Of course, as with any leak this far out from a projected fall launch, things could always change between now and when Apple officially announces the devices. Still, Prosser has been accurate before in detailing unreleased Apple products and colors. If his source is legitimate, it gives hope that 2021 may finally be the year of the pink iPhone 13.

Growing Demand for Pink smartphones

The demand for a pink iPhone isn’t just coming from fans. Market data shows that demand for pink smartphones in general has notably increased in recent years. Pink regularly ranks among the top color preferences in customer surveys. For example, pink was one of Samsung’s best-selling Galaxy S20 colors after that line’s launch last year.

This rising interest in pink coincides with new cultural norms. Pink used to beseen more as a “girl’s” color but attitudes have broadened. Now it’s embraced by all genders as a stylish, fun option. Younger buyers especially have helped pink smartphone sales blossom. If Apple launches the iPhone 13 in pink, it aligns with both customer requests and broader industry trends.

What Would a Pink iPhone 13 Look Like?

While the leaker only stated a light pink shade, there is room for speculation about what the design may resemble. Looking to past pink phones could provide clues.

  • The pink iPhone 13 would likely feature a light, muted pink rather than a neon bright pink. Think blush or rose gold shades.
  • The aluminum casing would take on a soft, subtle pink hue rather than an attention-grabbing hot pink.
  • Apple’s usual color-matching approach means the pink model’s rear glass panel and aluminum trim pieces would coordinate to achieve a uniform look.
  • Marketing renders and press imagery would play up the pink’s lighter, delicate qualities rather than making it seem overly bold or highlighter-esque.
  • Accessory makers would release a wave of silky pink iPhone 13 cases to complement the new shade. Some may even feature delicate floral or animal print motifs.

Of course, all of this is just informed guessing until Apple shares official specs. But looking to past products gives a sense of how a quality yet still playful light pink iPhone 13 could take shape design-wise.

Potential Popularity of Pink iPhone 13 Models

If the pink iPhone 13 launches as rumored, there is good reason to believe it could be a popular option. First, there is strong startup demand based on the sustained fan requests for pink over the years. Even the possibility of a pink iPhone in leaks and rumors generates buzz.

Additionally, most current iPhone owners upgrade their phones every three to four years. This means a sizeable portion of the existing iPhone base hasn’t had a pink option to choose from before now. Many are likely ready to embrace color on their next purchase.

Pink also appeals well beyond Apple’s most loyal fans. It could entice new iPhone buyers who previously preferred Android due to those platforms offering pink choices first. Many pink Android phone buyers may be open to making the switch.

The combination of pent-up demand, existing customers seeking variety, and pull from Android defectors means pink iPhone 13 pre-orders could exceed expectations should it prove accurate. It could become one of the strongest selling hues of the year. In an already highly competitive smartphone market, stronger than expected pink iPhone sales would be a big win for Apple.

Conclusion – Is a Pink iPhone 13 Finally Happening This Year?

All signs point to 2021 as the year Apple may at long last release a pink iPhone 13 color. Between persistent fan requests, rising pink phone sales trends, and accuracy of leakers forecasting pink, the timing is ripe. While an official announcement is still months away, rumor buzz grows louder that a playful yet refined pink shade will resonate with modern iPhone buyers.

Regardless of which specific colors are released, Apple always strives to give customers variety in its iconic devices. A pink option could bring new users into the Apple fold who previously felt the iPhone line just didn’t suit their unique style. Only the fall product unveiling will confirm, but signs are very good that a pink iPhone may be en route. This could make a lot of customers very happy indeed.

So in summary – while nothing is 100% certain this early, all indicators point to 2021 as the year the iPhone 13 lineup expands its color spectrum into the light, lively realm of pink. It seems this long awaited shade may finally be blooming for Apple’s latest flagship. Fans will be watching eagerly to see if their wishes for a rose gold Reality come to fruition this fall.

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