Apple Leaker Claims iPhone 13 Is Coming In Pink

The production of iPhone 13 by Apple’s iPhone 13 range is ahead of the schedule and it’s set to release some of the most significant improvements of iPhone time (literally). However, a information leak has revealed an design change that nobody anticipated.

As reported by CNet, Apple is said to be preparing an eye-catching pink finish to both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Furthermore, this somewhat surprising design choice actually makes sense.

Unveiled through Peng Phones the report states that Apple doesn’t offer the pink iPhone 13 models available for launch (tipped to launch 1 month later in the year) however, they will arrive in December. These color choices are not uncommon for Apple and its predecessors, who have traditionally released Product(RED) variants of its phones several months after the initial launch. In April, Apple also announced the purple iPhone 12, seven months after the phone’s first revealed.

The real reason behind a pink iPhone 13 may be a much simpler. In the last month Apple unveiled a new iMac along with the purple iPhone 12 and it comes in blue, silver, orange, green, and yellow colors, as well as – indeed – pink along with pink.

The M2 MacBook Air redesign recently came out featuring new silver blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and pink colors. “The shades on the brand new MacBook Air are very close to, if not exactly identical, to the shades are displayed on the stands of the new iMacs with a 24-inch screen,” claimed popular Apple tipster Jon Prosser.

The pattern can be seen here. With it being the iPhone 12 coming in white blue, black as well as purple, green and red There could be a wider colors to be matched in the future.

But pink is still likely to be the main feature. In 2013 Apple introduced the Pink iPhone 5C and followed it up with the hugely loved rose gold iPhone 6S which was carried up onto an iPhone 7 and iPhone SE before being criticized for its replacement with normal gold for iPhone 8. iPhone 8. However, this year the trend of pink gaining traction in Apple devices and Samsung getting praise for its “phantom pink” Galaxy S21, the op-eds are insisting on the return of pink.

While the pink iPhone 13 will likely to be a huge hit the new iPhones by Apple offer more than just new colors. The most notable upgrade is the massive rear cameras however, they’re also expected to include the latest 5G technology, disruptive wifi, MagSafe upgrades, beamforming microphones, improved performance (hello battery longevity), ProMotion displays (though Pro Models only) and at last, the smaller screen.

All this combined with a pink model released right before Christmas? It’s a win, Apple.

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