UPS Tracking – How to Track Your UPS Parcels

UPS makes tracking your parcels simple. From the U.S. to the world, UPS delivers worldwide. For international UPS tracking, you will need your UPS tracking number. To find the status of your package, you should visit a UPS tracking portal that combines information from many carriers. For further help, read this article. You will also learn about UPS My Choice and Parcel Monitor. These services combine airline data to give you the most accurate delivery status.

Parcel Monitor

If you are looking for a simple solution to track your UPS package, Parcel Monitor is the perfect solution. This single-page courier tracking framework offers real-time UPS package tracking updates and allows you to select a language for notifications. This service is available for both international and national shipping. Once you set up an account, you can automatically receive updates on your UPS shipments’ status. You can also receive these updates in other languages, like Spanish or Chinese.

UPS My Choice

UPS My Choice

The UPS My Choice membership is a free service that lets you control the delivery of your package. This allows you to redirect your package to another location, reschedule, or reroute it to The UPS Store. The process is easy and only takes five minutes. This service has become a favorite among customers who want to control their deliveries. You can read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the advantages of UPS My Choice membership.

P.O. number

The UPS tracking system allows you to track your packages using a reference number, like your P.O. or customer account number. You can enter up to 35 characters in your reference number, and it will let you track your packages to see where they are. UPS assigns the tracking number for tracking purposes. Using your reference number for other purposes is strictly prohibited. The following are some examples of what not to do with UPS tracking numbers.

Job Number

UPS tracking systems allow tracing packages and other deliveries by reference number. These can be any number, including a P.O. number, customer account number, or name. They contain up to 35 characters. You may only use this system to track deliveries; UPS prohibits other uses. Identify the location of a package, as well as its status. If you have questions about UPStracking systems, contact customer service or the company’s customer service number.

Account number

To use UPS tracking services, you must have an account number. This six-digit number is associated with all your packages. To find yours:

  1. Go online.
  2. Click on the “Account Summary” link in the rollover menu.
  3. Follow the instructions provided. You can also change your payment options.

The account number is also available for online tracking. If you do not have an account number, you can request one. If you have an account number, you can track your packages easily.

Status update emails

UPS customers receive email and SMS notifications for their packages. Merchants can share UPS tracking links with their customers, who can view them with one click. Post-purchase UPS shipping update emails receive six times higher open rates and revenue than non-update emails. The same email received by 76% of customers who like the return policy is likely to buy from the merchant again. Similarly, UPS tracking link emails help boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.


Rates of UPS tracking are available in one central location. You can view all the rates and services offered by UPS, including door-to-door delivery, routine customs clearance, and international shipping. You can also download the digital version of the UPS Service and Tariff Guide. These guides include zone charts, domestic and international rate charts, and pricing information for value-added services and additional charges. You can even look up the latest fuel surcharge rates.

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