The Manatee County Clerk of Court

Matthew Whyte

Before being elected to serve as Manatee County Clerk of Court, Whyte served as a lawyer. He specialized in personal injury, criminal defense and civil litigation. In addition to his legal work, Whyte has been active in the community, including as a volunteer coach for youth sports. He is a member of the Manatee Area Youth Soccer Organization and the Manatee Tiger Bay baseball team. He hopes to earn the trust and confidence of people in the community.

Before serving as Manatee County Clerk of Court, Whyte served as General Counsel at Kirk and Pinkerton. Before this position, he practiced law as a partner at Kirk and Pinkerton. He holds a law degree from Stetson University and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida. Mathew Whyte is one of three attorneys chosen by Governor Ron DeSantis to fill judicial vacancies.

Tami Pearce Simmons

The office of the Glades County Clerk of Courts is comprised of several different roles. The Office of the Clerk serves as the official recorder and custodian of all documents relating to Glades County. These duties include granting marriage licenses, collecting child support and alimony payments, and recording Board of County Commissioners meetings. Additionally, the Clerk of Court serves as the county’s chief financial officer, ensuring that all expenditures are in line with the state’s laws.

Tami Pearce Simmons, Manate Count Clerk of Court, has completed the New Clerk Academy. As a member of the New Clerk Academy, she was awarded the Certified Florida Clerk and Comptroller designation. The Academy was structured in a blended learning environment, and partnering agencies were asked to participate in the class. FCCC executives signed the certificate. Tami Pearce Simmons is a proven leader in her role as the Manatee County Clerk of Court.

Michael Gallen

Michael Gallen, the General Counsel of Manatee County Clerk of Court, is a lawyer by profession. His previous positions include general counsel, director of human resources, vice president of public policy at the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, and vice president of the Manatee County Bar Association. Gallen has more than 17 years of experience in the legal field. He currently resides in Bradenton, Florida.

Born in Bradenton, Florida, Michael Gallen is a seasoned attorney. His father was a judge. He also served on the Florida House of Representatives and the Department of Environmental Policy. In his free time, he enjoyed teaching government and law, but found political work less appealing. Gallen is currently teaching American government at Lakewood Ranch High School, where his students enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities.

Michael Gallen as general counsel

The Manatee County Clerk has named Michael Gallen as its new general counsel. He has over 17 years of legal experience and will be responsible for leading the organization’s legal initiatives. Michael Gallen will also serve as the company’s director of human resources and oversee all legal matters associated with the organization’s 1,000 statutory responsibilities. In addition to his new role, Gallen will continue to assist the clerk’s office in negotiating contracts and providing legal input.

Before being named general counsel for the clerk’s office, Gallen served as vice president of public policy for the Manatee Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Manatee Port Authority. He has held various positions in Florida government, including teaching American government at Lakewood Ranch High School and IMG Academy. His professional experience also includes positions as a staff attorney for the Florida House of Representatives, as well as being a legal intern with the Department of Environmental Protection. He has also volunteered with Gulf Coast Legal Services.

Office location

If you are searching for information regarding public records, then you’ve come to the right place. The Manatee County Clerk of Court office can provide vital records, marriage licenses, and tax assessments. It can also provide information about elections. Listed below are the various services offered by this court office, as well as the location of its office. Located in Bradenton, Florida, the Manatee County Clerk of Court is the place to go for all of your public records needs.

The Manatee County Clerk of Court office location is located in Manatee. There are 2 acceptance agents available for applicants – one in Bradenton and one in Sarasota. The wait time for these services varies, but in general, expect to wait between four and eight weeks for your passport to be processed. If you need expedited service, the Manatee County Clerk of Court can help you.

Public records

If you have been wondering about the public records in Manatee County, Florida, you are not alone. You can now obtain information on any county court case in Florida. This office provides online access to public court records and other documents. These records are available to anyone, so you can access them whenever you need to. You can submit your request online, by mail or by visiting them in person. However, be aware that the information you download from this website may be outdated or not up to date.

The Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court maintains an online system for searching court records. These records are usually filed by the producing court, which can be federal, state, or local. For instance, you can search for property records by name or by type, such as condominiums or subdivisions. You can also lookup property records by instrument number, type, and book page. You can also conduct searches by acreage, advance party, consideration, or daily record.

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