Motor Trend Writes About the Rivian R1T

MotorTrend writers have lauded the Rivian R1T’s materials and interior design, but they also point out the car’s $70,000 price tag. While they have mixed feelings about the heavy reliance on touch screens for vehicle functions, they do like the ease of use of the car’s interface. In terms of price, the Rivian R1T isn’t for everyone.


The price of a Rivian R1T electric car has increased dramatically over the last few months. While the R1S and R1T are now available, the price of the former has gone up by nearly $12,000 in one overnight. The price hike is likely due to inflation, supply chain constraints, and component costs. Rivian is also attempting to attract customers by offering a lower-spec vehicle at a higher price.


The range of the Rivian R1T is dependent on the model you purchase and the size of the battery pack. The larger batteries in the’max pack’ model will give you up to 400 miles of range. These higher-priced versions will be available in January 2022. However, it is not yet clear when these vehicles will hit the road. For now, you can expect a 250-mile range pack to be available for the standard R1T.


The Rivian R1T’s cabin features a modern blend of classic and contemporary elements, with the touchscreen embedded in a real wood dash. There’s even a wireless charging station in the center console, and the rear seat has a pass-through to the gear tunnel. The design also includes subtle details like the Rivian logo in the seat upholstery, which repeats the company’s logo. The interior design of the Rivian is also innovative, with color and material designer Sophia Park’s studies in art therapy.

Towing capacity

To find out the Rivian R1T’s towing capacity, the company conducted tests on a difficult road course, the Davis Dam Grade. The route runs from 550 feet to three thousand five hundred feet over 11.4 miles. The course is hot, so it’s critical that the electric pickup’s range be up to par with its towing capacity. The R1T’s towing capacity is up to six thousand pounds, but the truck’s range was only 200 miles.


The Rivian R1T has a luxurious cabin with a variety of features. It comes with a standard 12-inch digital gauge cluster, a 16-inch touch screen, and a rear-facing touchscreen. There are several USB Type-C ports, as well as wireless charging and a Wi-Fi hot spot. The vehicle also includes keyless entry and automatic climate control. It has a removable speaker and a 12-volt and 110-volt outlet.

Interior design

The Rivian R1T’s interior is based on a minimalist aesthetic, with little emphasis on visual flair. While the materials are upmarket, the car’s design language is more practical than aesthetically pleasing. The dashboard surround and door panels are made from natural grained ash wood, and the seats and headliner are made from 100% recycled microfiber. There are only a few minor fit and finish issues. The charging port door sits a little deeper than it should, and the door handle on the driver’s side of the car is a little deeper than it should be. The fit and finish issues aren’t so obvious, however.

Driver+ system

The Driver+ system on the Rivian r1t features several innovative technologies that help drivers remain safe. Driver+ features include automatic emergency braking, lane centering, blind-spot warning, and rear cross-traffic alert. They may also be added later through over-the-air software updates. While these features are helpful, they don’t replace the driver’s judgment, attention, or ability to control the vehicle. The system uses eleven cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, five radars, and a high-precision GPS antenna.

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