Mercy Smart Square Features

Unlike a paper-based medical chart, Mercy Smart Square lets users access patient information from anywhere. Managing staff schedules is also easier. Using a secure, password-protected portal, users can edit patient information, create notes, and assign tasks. The secure website also protects against unauthorized access. Once set up, the system is easy to use and is compatible with all types of mobile devices. To learn more about the software, read the following features.

Easy to use

An easy to use Mercy smart square can make healthcare providers‘ lives easier by streamlining the process of scheduling patients and managing their schedules. The smart square mercy software allows staff to update the calendar and view information on all their clients. They can even add clients to their emergency staff rosters from their personal computers. The software is accessible anywhere and can be used in hospitals or clinics of all sizes. It is best for PCs or laptops, but it does work with some mobile devices as well.

One of the main benefits of the smart square mercy software is its security. All patient and staff data is safe and confidential. The system also hides the IP address, ensuring patient privacy. It is also easy to use, and users can log in from any computer. It allows for convenient scheduling of appointments, as well as accessing patient records on the go. In addition, it is very secure. The smart square mercy software complies with HIPAA regulations to ensure the privacy of patient information.


The Smart Square Mercy software helps healthcare facilities manage patient information with ease and privacy. The software hides the IP address of the device used to access it. No third party can access the information without your permission. As a result, your patient data remains confidential. With the Mercy Smart Square, your staff can easily access patient information from any device in the facility. The following is a list of security features offered by Mercy SmartSquare. All of them will help to make your healthcare facility safe and secure.

Mercy Smart Square offers mobile access and multiple users. With this feature, you can access patient information, manage staff profiles, and schedule appointments, even from your phone. The system is password-protected, making it safe for sensitive patient information. It is also useful for healthcare workers as it helps them keep track of patient data, staff schedules, and notes. It can also be used on multiple PCs in a single facility. If your facility has several locations, you can consider a server license.


Secure Mercy Smart Square makes it easy to manage patient information and appointments from any computer. Its user-friendly interface is compliant with HIPAA regulations and ensures the privacy and security of patient data. Moreover, it can be used by staff to access patient records from anywhere. In addition, it offers a high level of security by hiding IP addresses of third parties. InShort, secure mercy smart square is safe for patients and staff.

In addition to providing a high level of security, Mercy Smart Square is also compatible with most major mobile devices and can be used to manage patient records. This online platform also allows healthcare providers to create appointments and add clients to emergency rosters. Mercy SmartSquare can be accessed through browser and works on most smartphones. To log in, all users need a Network ID and password. Alternatively, they can use a computer or tablet with a mobile internet connection.

Compatible with mobile devices

The smart square mercy app enables health care providers to manage patient information and schedule shifts from anywhere. The app is available for desktop computers, smart phones, and tablets, making it easy to manage patients’ information and staff’s schedules. Additionally, this app enables healthcare providers to exchange information with other departments, saving time and effort. For more information, visit mercy smartSquare website. The website offers instructions and guides for a variety of healthcare applications.

The smart square mercy is a popular healthcare app that allows users to manage patient data. The app allows staff to manage shifts and appointments, while allowing users to view patient information at a glance. The app also keeps sensitive patient and staff information private, thanks to its IP hiding feature. It is also compatible with mobile devices. And it’s easy to install on existing hospital systems. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use for both patients and staff.

Easy to sign up

Easy to sign up for mercy smart square software means that patients and staff can access their information whenever they need to. Smart Square Mercy is secure, and users can access patient records and schedule appointments from any computer with an Internet connection. The software allows users to maintain confidentiality by using a secure server and IP hiding feature. It is also easy to sign up for mercySmart square software and manage their own patient information. If you are a healthcare provider, consider using Smart SquareMercy to simplify the daily tasks at your facility.

Once you have signed up for Mercy smart square, you can begin managing your patient’s schedule and completing other business tasks with a click of a button. You can also manage your staff profiles and schedule appointments, and even reset your password, if you need to. The system is compatible with most mobile devices and can be accessed via your browser. In order to sign up for MercySmart square, you must have a valid network ID and password.

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