Great Are You Lord Lyrics

Great are you lord lyrics: Great Are You Lord is a decent worship song by All Sons and Daughters. The lyrics are primarily Biblical, and the song’s message is straightforward, even for those who don’t believe. It’s a nice, straightforward message about God’s goodness and grace. However, the song has one major flaw that can make it a bad addition to your worship set: the over-reliance on the word “every.”

Worthy of praise

Great are you Lord lyrics are a great way to praise God for His greatness. They were written by Michael W. Smith. You’ll find these lyrics below, sorted by popularity. This song has a beautiful message about how God is a great God and deserves all the praise and worship we can give Him.

To praise God, we should always remember that He is most holy and only worthy of praise and glory. This is the only way we can properly worship Him. And if we cannot praise him, then we shouldn’t worship him at all. We should praise Him for His goodness and power.

Worthy of glory

If you’re looking for great are you Lord lyrics, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed them below along with some of the hottest new releases. We’ve also arranged them by popularity. We hope you enjoy them and find them worthy of your praise. This song was written by Michael W. Smith and is a favorite among Christians. The lyrics are beautiful and evocative of God’s greatness.

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